Sunday, November 8, 2020

👉The Future is : More QE,Stimulus,Debt,Deficit,And Money Printing Until The Dollar is Totally Toast

👉The Future is : More QE,Stimulus,Debt,Deficit,And Money Printing Until The Dollar is Totally Toast The greatest bubble of all time Dollar made a new low but gold is far from a new high. More QE, Stimulus, Debt, Deficit, And Money Printing Until The Dollar is Totally Toast The USA is going to get a bigger government, bigger debt, and a bigger QE program regardless. QE will continue no matter what. When you consider the hits the financial system has taken since 2000 and the fact that we will surely have nationwide lockdowns, the fact that congress doesn't even care now that they are good for a few years, it may be prudent to sell all your stocks and wait for the rainy season to pass. We have a contested national election, inside of an economic depression ,inside of a National Health Emergency Declaration. The new president will face significant economic and social problems. He will be getting the talk from someone at the Fed or treasury to tell him how dire things are under the hood in this country, probably over the next couple of months. And of course, the market can only survive on more stimulus. It’s life support, and the priest is waiting in the shadows to give last rites to the United States; today, the priest faintly came out of the shadows. Still, a long way to go before the rosary is on the countries chest. I don't think past (years) market performance is representative of the future market outcome. The more money the Fed prints, the harder we are going to suffer in the long run. The dollar is absolutely toast from here. The dollar made a new low, but gold is far from a new high. The pie is shrinking. One last burst of inflation to skim the remaining cream. Market surges as fed ramps up QE to exponential levels of lunacy in an effort to stave off the inevitable nation-ending collapse , just a little longer. Wallstreetbets isn't my style. I'm out. We have an economy based on spending borrowed money. That cannot last forever; economies have to be based on savings and investments. Americans need only use the dollar the way that it was ultimately intended to be used. Debt-free transactions that support real economic growth will create market balancing and an easy road for servicing and maintaining the management of existing debt and future debt. Fact: There is no greater generator of real economic wealth than real economic growth. Because of high living cost issues that are fueled by inflation, this is exactly why inflation is so bad for the poor and middle class. Even upper class but less, so. It robs everyone as purchasing power is eroded, and economic activity is cannibalized one day at a time. We're seeing it. The blowback has arrived. The free market can now reverse the issue, however, because the free market has been granted the only stage to do it from. We simply need to do it. The bread and circuses will go on because the Empire's population demands it. Coming soon, Universal Basic Income, free health care, free college. But it won't be worth a damn. Jerome Powell just said they would put the tools away as soon as the emergency is over. Just like the last time after the financial crisis. Nevermind, they pulled those tools back out in late 2019 before. The bottom line here is the Feds cannot stop printing money; once they do, it’s GAME OVER in Wall St and the global economy. The economy is barely functional once you pull back the curtain. The Fed must print and print. There is no choice except bread lines that would make the great depression look like paradise. The elite doesn't want to be hung from lamp posts, so they will print. If you are a trader, follow the leaders. If you are an investor, buy what's been trashed. Market surges. No matter what. If 57 million Americans out of work, empty food banks, contested elections, looming lockdowns, no stimulus, and a real estate foreclosure list 20 miles long aren't enough, then nothing is. I would think of thought we would back to 22000 by now, at least. Might as well make money on calls while we swirl down the drain on higher prices and never-ending socialism for the Dow Jones. Biden won't change a thing cause QE was literally created and approved under Obama. At this point, a city-sized asteroid impact would probably be shrugged off by traders as "better than anticipated," and the Fed will just further increase liquidity. If the market had any correlation with Main Street, it would already be in the gutter. The market numbers are so corrupt, pure kabuki for a long play, fun for the young on the short play. Sometimes it's best to walk away from the table for a while. Just like any junkie, they always need a bigger dose. And like a junkie, their addiction finally kills them. The crash has arrived come January 2021; it would be a roller coaster crash for the digital money introduction. The plan is to kill the dollar. The Federal Reserve Notes will be killed, and that's what central banks are doing, issuing the preprogrammed software they call Central Bank Digital Currencies, to usurp the powers of national governments worldwide to become a global government. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Many of you have asked me where they can buy silver and gold bullion. You will find in the description box the links where you can buy American Silver Eagle, Silver Bars, or Rounds. I highly recommend that you start stacking some Silver Bullion for the future. The decline is accelerating and will go exponentially over the next five years. The ONLY way to survive the coming onslaught is to move OUT of the big cities or their suburbs and move to the country. People are just not taking the implosion seriously enough, but the reality is the country is broke, and ALL the institutions demand funding are going to have to learn to go without. The party is over, and there is NOTHING to fall back on, least of all an educated workforce that doesn't exist. The government has stimulated this economy into a gigantic ditch; they aren't going to get us out by digging it deeper. A stimulus check goes out, and people have money to spend, but where did that money come from? There was no added productivity, no more output, no more products or services were created, no jobs were created, no factories got built. Just passing money around doesn't lead to growth. If that was the solution, all of our problems would be solved already as the Fed could just print a salary for every American to stay at home. Money printing does NOT stimulate the economy. It creates an Off The Chart Inflation. As long as there are Fed and a ruling oligarchy, there is a path forward with no cash in stock prices. It leaves the rest of the country broke and miserable, but no one making the decisions really cares about that. You cannot stop QE anymore. We are way beyond that point. If we stop it, it all collapses now. If we do not, the mother of all bubbles -MOAB- will be a guaranteed blow over a short period forward in time. The US democracy's credibility has been lost the past few days. The rest of the world is watching the voting debacle, which looks very suspicious, to say the least. The dollar will get a hit now that the rest of the world is starting to view the US as a banana republic. If you look at the US balance sheet, income/expenses. They are essentially bankrupt, and the only thing keep it going is the FED money printing. If that stops, then the US is bankrupt. It’s only the dollar's privilege that is giving the US the power to hang on. Our Elite Overlords know they are screwed. The only option -to keep the power- remaining is a planned economic destruction on a world scale—the great reset. The perfect tool to do this are lockdowns; the economic tissue dies rapidly. It's all planned destruction. The war on the middle class continues. The Fed has done nothing but enriching a handful of hedge funds and daytraders. 4O1 Ks are a joke and inaccessible. They will be worthless in 20 years, so add as many zeros as you want to your statement. The day of the Rake is coming. The day when you wake up to 25 rate hikes because inflation is spiraling out of control. Weimar Republic momentum on steroids. When SHTF, all assets will be vaporized in seconds. Then the Great Reset will be presented to you as the remedy. Between these two key events, there might be unpleasant moments such as lockdowns, civil unrest, mass starvation, riots, civil wars. of the biggest risks that market participants may be ignoring is the potential for economic stagnation." Stagnation will evaporate profits on every level of corporate earnings. If the general population closes its purse (as it has now looking at M1 velocity), taxing ability dwindles, local and state governments cannot meet payroll or retirement obligations, layoffs commence, and the negative feedback loop begins in earnest. I am having trouble looking at a five-year horizon that does not include a radical systemic change in finance structure, as the financial markets very existence is not dependent on the investor class as most seem to think; its success is wholly dependent on a fully functioning economy and everyone spending, even spending money they do not have via debt. Investing in continued chaos perpetuates the chaos. And I know of no historical precedent where prolonged chaos suddenly calms, and prosperity evolves for everyone. Betting on a great set of rolls on the craps table is a temporary strategy; the streak always has, and always will, end. Spending stops, revenue falls, margins drop, layoffs commence, spending drops again. Stagnation becomes deflation. The final burst will be a planned event. The actual system of ever-increasing debt and perpetual QE is already a living dead one. When one major central bank blows, it will sparkle a chain reaction, domino-like; nothing will be able to stop it. Adding more QE won't work; it will only add more fuel to the fire. The world-scale lockdowns aim to make people obedient and submissive when it will happen. When ashes fall over -after a certain period of an economic wasteland- they will show themselves as saviors with their GREAT RESET. The neo-feudal Orwellian post-Sovietic Super State. This tyrannical, Transnational State will provide digital currency, digital ID with health record, real-time tracing. Cash as paper money will be permanently banned. Privacy will be nuked. The word itself will disappear. We are in this process. The old tricks will not help anyone, even the financial one. Society, as we knew and define it, will be part of ancient history. To make a historical parallel, we live in the late phase of the dying Roman Empire. Common sense says that Americans have been living way above their means for the last 35 years due to spending future money for the next many years. ( 27 trillion debt and 7 trillion money printing). When it turns, Americans will be living the next 50 years way below their means. People over 60 don’t care because they will be dead during that time. People under 30 will be living their whole lives paying all this socialism back. Everything is now going to break. Everything. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. 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